Trifecta Wagering Method

Trifecta Wagering Method

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 Handicapping is only 1/2 the battle. You can be the best handicapper and lose if you don't have a good wagering method. I have found that Trifecta & Superfecta wagering gives me the best ROI ( Return On Investment). Okay, once you have a solid handicaping method and even if you don't feel free to use my selections, the next step is to have a wagering method. I will give you exactly what I use. Remember, what we are after is the dog that gets the lead and hangs on for the win or place position. I then pick from the remaining dogs the next two best dogs which become choices 2 & 3.  Then you need to elimate 2 dogs (7 & 8) from the trifecta. You should be able to do that - but keep in mind nobody including me can eliminate 2 dogs sucessfully everytime! In my trifecta wagering method 3 things need to happen. They are:
#1 Your key dog must finish 1st or 2nd.
#2 One of your 2nd or 3rd choices just needs to finish in the money.
#3 Choices 7 & 8 must not finish in the trifecta.
Note your 6th choice is highly unlikely to win so I don't include #6 to win, which cuts down on the cost of this wager. You can add your 6th choice to win if you feel like it helps you.

********* A point of advice!! ALWAYS ALWAYS!!! >Keep track of your wagering. Keep the results. As this is THE info that will help you create your own wagering method tailored exactly to your handicapping methods.

 **** By far and away the most difficult is #1 - having your key dog(my free selection) finish in 1st or 2nd.****

Based on that here is my trifecta wagering method.
1/23/23456 $8  1/456/23 $6
23/1/23456 $8  45/1/23   $4
Total $Amount for $1 Trifecta using the above method is $26
If covers the most logical combinations( leaving the 6th choice out from winning only saves $2. So, if you feel safer adding it -  do it. The total cost will only jump from $26 to $28 per race.
*** I have a superfecta wagering method I use that costs me $72 per race. Ask me about it via the contact page if your interested. If your'e beting the $0.10 cent super's the cost per race is $7.20 and I have found my wagering produces an average payout of $90.24 for the 10 cent superfecta.

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